The lucky day of the blind guy and the kind woman

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Chris Diamond is blind. When trying to cross the street, he was helped by a kind girl, Natty Mellow. That morning, Chris Diamond went to get coffee but he couldn't cross the street. Just as Natty Mellow passed by, she helped him cross the street. Crossing the other street, the blind man said he wanted to touch the girl's face, but he mistakenly touched her chest. To thank him, he invited her to his house for coffee, but Natty Mellow wanted to have sex, so she propositioned him and sucked his cock. After a while, Chris Diamond's blind wife returned. Natty Mellow said she was the one who helped her husband cross the street, so he came home for a drink. The wife thanked Natty Mellow and went to buy coffee. As soon as the wife left, the two continued to warm up. After a while, the wife returned, and the husband said Natty Mellow wanted to drink coffee, so he asked her to buy it for him. After tricking his wife away, the blind guy continued to have sex with the kind girl. The two had sex for a long time. Just as he finished, the wife returned. Natty Mellow asked permission to leave because she was busy. It's unfortunate that the blind wife didn't know that her husband was having sex with another girl right in front of her, right in her house. But on the contrary, the blind guy was lucky enough to have sex with a kind, pretty girl.

The lucky day of the blind guy and the kind woman

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