STARS-368 The rogue doctors and the beautiful Azure Hikari

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STARS-368 She Went To Get Her First Thorough Checkup But The Evil Doctor Took Advantage Of Her… This Office Lady Was Twitching Of Being Mistreated By Her Doctor. Hikari Aozora is a beautiful female office worker. Today, my colleague and I want to have a general health scan to see how our health is. Perhaps because she was so beautiful, Azure was noticed by despicable doctors. First was the cardiologist, he took advantage of Azure's naivety to freely pop her breasts, squeezed her breasts, and then lured Azure into bed to examine her breasts. It sounds strange for a cardiologist to examine her braids, and you all know the results. After leaving the cardiology clinic, I went to the general weight and height clinic, where I continued to have my hair examined by a group of trainee doctors controlled by the chief. Then there was the doctor who examined her teeth and finally, the whole group injected Azure with anesthetic and then kept sucking and licking Azure's smooth, white body, which was truly unacceptable.

STARS-368 The rogue doctors and the beautiful Azure Hikari

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